sing like you think no one's listening

im emily. from long island, used to go to school in boston but transferred to suny. i reblog anything about friends, chocolate, fashion, new york or music. i love quotes and lyrics. i say more than i should on this but whatever. i dont know where i am going in life or anything but im learning not worry.
"welcome to the real world, it sucks!"=]
oh and recently ive been talking about my boyfriend alot. sorry if that annoys you...he makes me happier than i have been for a while so i enjoy telling people all about it!

"You'll never find answers if you don't ask the questions."   Submit

things that make me happy

the office
pitch perfect
my sheet
harry potter
rubber duckies

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well im glad i started using tumblr again yesterday bc today i told my sister my deepest darkest secret and cried so hard thanks to mary ann that i could vom at any second. i dont think ill ever be out of this anxiety attack and didnt realize how much i depended on thomas for my mental stability. im so worried about myself and so thankful to have colleen in my life.
for once i literally just can’t.

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if this doesn’t make you smile…

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my head is feeling things that im not ready to handle.
perfect time to come back on tumblr.

i’m literally turning into myself circa 11th grade. that was not a good time. so tired of falling asleep crying

fuck, yes.

only bc i want to remember this and if i post it anywhere else i will get judgement and questions. 

"We need to teach our sons that no means no. And that silence means no. And that drunkenness means no. And that being passed out means no. And that “I don’t know” or “I’m not sure” or “maybe we shouldn’t do this” means no."

oh hi tumblr. 

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